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UP² In Action


“Last year Camden partnered with Ernie & Sheryl Rapp to bring The UP Experience to more than 500 associates at our annual management conference. We wanted our management team to experience an event that would be different than traditional team building or education sessions. We wanted an experience that would stretch their minds and encourage them to think beyond their everyday world – about topics they may have never considered.

The UP Experience gave our associates the opportunity to listen to five engaging and thought provoking presenters – they were researchers, thought leaders and experts in their fields. Some made us laugh, others made us cry. They motivated and inspired us. Their stories encouraged us to be more innovative and more aware, a practice we could apply personally and professionally.

After the presentations, our associates talked with the speakers in a smaller group setting. These Q&A sessions created a deeper, more personal and meaningful experience. The sessions were so engaging that wrapping them up was a challenge!”

Teresa Watson
Director of Employee Development
Camden Property Trust

Comments from Camden associates:

“I loved UP! It encouraged me to continue to learn and grow not just within our own industry but in every area of life.”

“Having the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the presenters made UP at Camden unique and allowed me to have a special take-away.”

“The UP Experience at Camden was emotionally and intellectually stimulating!”

“I loved the 20-minute presentations and having the opportunity to learn new information and ideas!”

“Amazing energy from the UP Experience at Camden! “