Testimonials from UP Attendees

"UP is a unique way to reward your executives and engage your clients at the same time. This is real life, outside the box thinking that will help you be a better you, in both your personal and business life. I have attended for 5 years in a row and UP is the most innovative way to open your mind, and the minds of your executives and clients, to new ideas you can use every day."
Scott Fordham

"I feel like someone dusted off my brain and ignited my thinking in so many creative ways. I can’t wait until next year."
Winell Herron, H-E-B
"I have done many amazing things in my lifetime and there are very few things that I regret. After attending UP 2011, I totally regret the fact that I did not attend the first three UP Experiences. Truly an amazing day of education and intellect, I will not miss it again! "
Bubba Levy, Choice Energy
"One of the biggest benefits of attending UP is reinforcing our most important core value – continuous improvement. My Senior Leadership Team has attended every year, and they all tell me that it’s opened up keen, new perspectives that have translated into tangible ideas that yield higher growth and profits. UP helped me make positive changes in my life by understanding what motivates people, and how to lead them for higher productivity and job satisfaction."
Jay Steinfeld,
"One of the biggest benefits of attending UP is getting away from the daily grind of business, and opening my mind to new and exciting ways I can interact with the world, which has resulted in a “creativity boost” at work every year I have attended UP."
Andy Starr
"Our enormous thanks to you and Ernie for organizing yet another sensational UP Experience! Clay and I are full to the brim with inspiration, new ideas and just plain AWE for the amazing array of speakers and their collective knowledge, talents and experiences. What a phenomenal gift and labor of love you two have bequeathed to Houstonians with your UP vision so superbly brought to reality."
Margaret Vaughn Robinson, MCV Consulting
"I have attended all UP Experiences and found an event and now a process, to do just what I was looking for. The format allowed me to taste a wide variety of ideas, presented by the thinkers and influencers who are creating the changes, and then, go meet them! Out of the Experience I created a yearlong agenda for reading, lectures and interests that I would not have thought about before my exposure to the UP Experience."
David R. Jewell, CenterPoint Energy
"UP was an extremely memorable day of pure brain stretching! Sheryl and Ernie Rapp brought together a tremendously diverse group of brilliant minds, who surprised us all with their rich ideas. We were all the lucky beneficiaries."
Louise Bland
"The 20 minute time limit allowed enough time to introduce, explain, stimulate interest, and entice, while leaving each listener wanting to know more. It was the perfect formula for an amazing day!"
Susan Hollier, The Woodlands High School
"When I asked my boss to pre-approve my registration fee, her exact words were "We get too much from this as an organization through your attendance to miss it."
Paul Voltz

"The UP Experience has brought to the Houston area an up-scale conference experience that very few places in the country have had. As a university faculty member, I see UP providing a picture of the present and a vision of the future that all teachers and students should see. It can truly change a person’s life."
C. Sidney Burrus, Rice University

Testimonials from UP Speakers

"I never thought I would have such a great time yesterday. The other speakers were phenomenal! The entire day was full of wonderful energy. Your UP staff was incredible, what a group of pros. You, Ernie and your family were wonderfully hospitable to me and what a pleasure to talk to them all. I flew into Houston thinking I was going to a job but I immediately realized it was a beautiful experience. Thank you for having me. It was a day I will never forget. Please think of me again in the future. You guys are great."
Bob Stutman

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your AMAZING event last week. The UP Experience was an incredible event -- I was on a real high when I left! Please know how honored I was to be included in that speaker line-up. You did a fabulous job with EVERYTHING, and I will never ever forget the experience. Keep up the fantastic work -- you are impacting thousands and thousands of people (me included). Thank you again. It was AWESOME."
Alison Levine

Excellent. A+. Everyone was amazing. Terrific venue and the overall UP Experience was excellent. A first-rate event. There are very few like it."
Daniel Pink

"I owe so much to you and Ernie. Y'all set my speaking career in motion. Truly - I'm so grateful. It's easier to invite me to speak when I've been doing it for a while. Y'all took a huge chance on me and it changed my life."
Dr. Brené Brown

"This has been an incredibly stimulating day, the diversity of speakers who make you laugh until you cry and people that are painting a vision of the future that I did not even know was possible. For me to get to come and not only tell my story, but also to be gobsmacked by stuff I didn’t know about, UP was amazing."
Jane McGonigal

"UP was phenomenal! This is the most well run event I have ever been at. It is structured beautifully from the way they include the 400 kids and 16 amazing lectures from the best of the best all in one day. I can’t wait to come back as an attendee."
Burt Rutan

"I was blown out of the water, I came to UP thinking I was going to be providing a little motivation, and by listening to the other UP speakers, I was the one who was motivated …amazing!  I was truly overwhelmed by the experience."
Barbara Corcoran

"I rate every part of The UP Experience 5 out of 5. The event was the most professional I've ever been involved with. Even lunch, which is usually bland at best at events this large, was fabulous. Just keep doing everything you're doing."
Dave Nelsen

"A quick word of congratulations on putting together the UP Experience and with such panache and style. It really was a beautifully composed day with a great range of speakers and a great vibe. Many thanks for all your professionalism and hospitality in the practical arrangements. I go to lots of events and - I know the difference when the back room parts are working so well. Many thanks for the invitation and many congratulations again on such a great success."
Sir Ken Robinson

"I had a lot of fun and met lots of fascinating people. Please think of me again!"
Malcolm Gladwell

"Thank you so much for letting me be a part of The UP Experience. I would be honored to work with you again. I felt that you two are very much kindred spirits to me, and I thank you for the graciousness you displayed in making me feel part of the UP family.  Please keep in touch for anything."
Shawn Achor

"Wow, what an amazing event yesterday! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it and for all of the incredible work and detail that went into organizing such an insightful and inspiring day."
Craig Kielburger

"I wanted to tell you what a great conference you guys put on. The production values were superb and the organization was flawless. Hard to believe it was the first year! Congratulations to both of you. All of the speakers felt that we had been charged up by each other, and it was a very different experience than hearing any one or two of us would have been."
Dr. Henry Lodge